Group Program

There is so much power in the group setting. Not only do you see that you are NOT alone, but you also get to learn and grow together side-by-side from both Reana AND from others within the group. It's also where you might meet many of the life-long relationships that help you on the journey of entrepreneurship.

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1:1 Coaching

Here you will have the intimacy of 1:1 calls and direct access to Reana throughout the week to learn how to get your time, energy, and health back. She works with you on a intimate level to walk side-by-side with you as you go through the step-by-step framework.

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I created a FREE community for burnt out entrepreneurs to come together to find support and learn together how to work through burnout and what they are experiencing. I go LIVE in there every week to help you start taking action to get your time, energy, and health back because I know how isolating it can feel and just how much it can impact all areas of life. Join us and come say Hi!

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