Hi, I'm Dr. Reana!

I am so glad you're here. I can empathize with you on how isolating burnout can feel ESPECIALLY when you are a service based business - how do I know what you might be going through?

Because... I WAS the burnt out entrepreneur

Back in 2020 I was so burnt out as a Physical Therapist to the point I was physically getting sick from the stress. I left my job with no plan in place and somehow ended up beginning they journey of entrepreneurship. What started as a passion project of baking and decorating cookies soon became a business that replaced my PT income 🤯 but it came at a price... I found myself yet again burnt out...

That's when I realized that I may have changed WHAT I did, but I didn't change HOW I approached success

❌I was telling clients YES all the time because I was afraid to make them upset

❌I was hustling and squeezing in every order that came my way even though I didn't have capacity OR the energy

❌I was saying YES to every opportunity to collaborate even if it didn't fit my vision because subconsciously I believed that I needed to say yes to every opportunity to get my name out there

And that led to me being in a position WORSE than my 9-5 because now I was working LONGER hours trying to wear all the hats from marketing, to emails, to sending invoices, to fulfillment.

And that's when I did a deep dive on what ACTUALLY causes burnout.

I soon realized that burnout isn't only because of external circumstances, rather it stems from our subconscious beliefs that drive our decision making skills

I wanted to understand the neuroscience of WHY we keep resorting back to habits, such as people pleasing and worrying about what others think, which causes us to have too much on the plate or stress ourselves out.

I now use my master neurocoach certification to help others understand their subconscious beliefs that are at the root of their burnout so that they can eliminate burnout FOR GOOD.

Ready To Go From A Burnt Out Entrepreneur

To A Thriving Entrepreneur ?

I Am SOOO Ready!